Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the best law firm globally offering excellent legal service and resource with cost predictability and measurable results.

Our Mission

OT is a committed and resourceful group of like-minded professional focused on assisting our clients to achieve their objectives in commercial transactions, convayancing and litigation in the pursuit of justice.

Our Mission is to provide exemplary, and professional legal services to all clients without fear or favour.

Our commitments are:

    • To litigate thoroughly based on a coherent well-prepared case.
    • To negotiate with poise, patience, firmness, common sense and creativity.
    • To be forthright about the reasonableness and attainability of the clients goals.
    • To empower our client's to make intelligent and informed decisions by educating them to understand legal and procedural issues involved in the case.
    • To stay abreast of recent court rulings, statutes and enjoy professional relationship with court staff.
    • To treat clients, opposing counsel, witness, judges, magistrates, guardians and court personnel with civility and respect.



    • World class Service - endeavoring to meet or surpass the expectations of our clients in all aspects of their legal representation.
    • Integrity - being straight forward, open, honest and sincere. Doing right things in a reliable manner.
    • Efficiency - Accomplishing our tasks perfectly with least wastage of time and money.
    • Competence - having high level legal knowledge and capabilities acquired through sound training and continuous improvement.
    • Professionalism - conducting ourselves all the time in a manner that upholds our professional code of conduct
    • Excellence - striving for the highest possible levels of standards and achievement in all we do.
    • Dilligence - Always hard working, careful, conscientious, persistent and persevering.
    • Loyalty - putting the firm's interests first in all we do.
    • Getting it right first time all the time.